Artist Statement

Artist Statement
At first glance, it may appear that my art is simplistic or that my work is trivial.
My art is not modern or abstract. It isn't political in nature, nor does it profess to solve an intellectual riddle or declare the artist a visionary.
My art is about others - both the subject and the viewer. It is about and for humanity.
By telling stories of extraordinary achievements, I hope to inspire, encourage, and elevate the human soul. I can think of no better use of any talent.
Movements come and go, as their name suggests they will. What will remain is the value to the human soul that is left behind through that art. What remains is the beauty of human potential. What will always be, is humanity’s understanding of its own worth and its extraordinary potential.Our world is full of the beautiful spark of life, and humanity certainly possesses the brightest. We once knew this, and one day when the pendulum swings back that way, we will know it again.Timeless elegance that captures the best attributes of who we are is the focus of my work - ballerinas that float; service men and women performing the nearly impossible; loving couples on their wedding day and their guests elegantly dressed and at their happiest; musicians; athletes; other artists - anyone able to demonstrate that we do, in-fact, have the potential to grow into our truest nature and to trim that which needs a bit of trimming.The critic, who has never known the joy of causing others to shed tears of happiness upon seeing their art, might consider this before critiquing the artist who has. That artist may be practicing ancient art forms that celebrate the beauty of humanity disguised as a lowly wedding photographer or portrait painter and might do with a bit of encouragement themself.

“Creativity is the ability to combine intelligence and imagination. It is the ability to see what humanity is and what it could become.” - Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD
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